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Pause boisée

Contact : Anciaux Jérôme
rue de la Culée 20
B-6929 Gembes (Daverdisse)
Tel. :+32(0)477 98 65 47
Gsm :+32(0)476 35 55 06

La pause boisée is a character - ancient farm that has been fitted into a comtemporary and luxurious holiday furnished house with a living space of 650 square meters.

It is located in the heart of the Ardennes village of Gembes, surrounded with forests with an exceptional view on the valley of the Almache (an affluent of the Lesse).

Its atmosphere is quiet and peaceful and so it enables to to recherge your batteries and to enjoy the current moment.

It is not rare earing stags belling from the window of your bedroom.

It is an ideal place for sharing a moment of happiness and of serenity in family or between friends.


14 people

Number of rooms

5 room(s)

Number of beds

2 single beds
4 double beds
2 bunk beds (pers.)

Rates 2020