Art exhibition

Exposition de livres d'art par Colette Leroy

From 18 Sep till 31 Oct from 14h to 17h30
Bibliothèque publique de Bertrix
Place des 3 Fers - B-6880 Bertrix
Exposition de John Proctor

Art Exhibition: John Proctor

Exhibition of John Proctor's paintings
Free admission

From 01 till 31 Oct from 10h to 17h
La Glycine
rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)61 29 28 27
Exposition Francis Clébant

Exhibition Francis Clébant

061 58 92 99
In the week : 1h - 5h PM
Weekends : 2h -6h PM
B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)61 29 28 27
H comme Halloween

H for Halloween

B-6929 Porcheresse (Daverdisse)
Halloween - !!! Evènement complet !!!
Village fete & fair

Halloween !!! Sold out !!!

This castle is old more than 1000 years and it will plunge you directly in a deathly atmosphere. No sign shows this castle is haunted, but spirits, living dead and some other evil creatures will take possession of the castle during two days. Shudders are ensured !!! Two sessions are on schedule: one for the children and one for the adults.
On October 27, 28 and 31.
Le Château fort de Bouillon
Esplanade Godefroid - B-6830 Bouillon
Bertrix Halloween Horror Show 2
Village fete & fair

Bertrix Halloween Horror Show 2

Visit of the Doctor Lifrange's manor, followed with the Halloween ball
17 halls, and over 50 walk-ons
Food truck, activities, competitions, evening under a big top
Visits from 6.00 h till 11.00 h PM
Price : 3,00 €
Forbidden to children aged under 10 years
On 31 Oct from 18h to 23h
B-6880 Bertrix
Tel :+32(0)476 39 06 43
Halloween au Jardin des Hiboux

Halloween at the Jardin des Hiboux garden

Bilingual guided torchlight walk by night in company of owls and of several characters.
Halloween walk in company of owls.
By booking.
From 27 till 28 Oct on weekends from 19h30 to 22h
and on 31 Oct from 19h30 to 22h.
Jardin des Hiboux
Vôye du Sclassin - B-5555 Graide (Bièvre)
Tel :+32(0)495 72 38 23
Le pèlerinage armé de Godefroid de Bouillon

Godefroid of Bouillon's weaponded pilgrimage

From the 31st of March and during one year, a 15-meter-long hand-painted fresco on natural silk, made by Marie-Laure Alff, will show the story and the legend of Godefroid of Bouillon on 13 pictures, from his birth to the taking of Jerusalem. This fresco that reminds us of the Bayeux Tapestry will be completed with about fifteen explanatory boards. Moreover, two books that take up the story of the cruise on the one part and the painting technique that made its realization possible on the other hand, will complete this exhibition. This exhibition is sponsored by the Belgian Province of Luxembourg, the Entity of Bouillon, the Royal Tourist Office of Bouillon, the Culture and Leisures Center of Bouillon, the Ferme des Fées farm.
This exhibition is an initiative by the Ferme des Fées farm.
Le Château fort de Bouillon
Esplanade Godefroid - B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :+32(0)61 46 89 17
Exposition « Le Moyen Age - Le Monde Médiéval »

Exhibition: "Middle Age - the Middle-age world"

Free admission.
Open everyday from 10 AM till 5 PM at the Center of interpretation of landscapes of the Maison Languiller in Gedinne.
From 21 Apr till 31 Jan 2019 from 10h to 17h
B-5575 Gedinne
Tel :+32(0)478 27 76 65
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