Exhibition of works by Georges Peulen

From 27 Apr till 09 Jun on Mon, Tue, Wed and Fri from 13h to 17h and on weekends from 14h to 18h
Centre d'Interprétation d'Art de l'École de Vresse
Rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Exposition de Nicole Spiraers, Danielle de Moffarts et Audrey Moens
Exposition de Nicole Spiraers, Danielle de Moffarts et Audrey Moens
Exposition de Nicole Spiraers, Danielle de Moffarts et Audrey Moens
Exposition de Nicole Spiraers, Danielle de Moffarts et Audrey Moens

Painting exhibition: Nicole Spiraers, Danielle de Moffarts et Audrey Moens

Exhibition of paintings.

From 01 till 31 May from 10h to 17h
La Glycine
rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)61 29 28 27


From 07 till 29 May from Mon till Fri from 13h to 17h
Centre culturel Bertrix asbl
Place des 3 Fers - B-6880 Bertrix
Festival Polliniz Acteurs - La quinzaine des abeilles (Printemps sans Pesticides)

Festival Polliniz Acteurs - Bees' two weeks (pesticidfree spring)

Does environmental conservation interess you? Do you want to know more about how dangerous pesticides are? You will most surely find answers to your questions through the several shows and film-conferences.- On Friday May 17: CARLSBOURG ISJ - 08h00 PM: "The man who planted trees".
- On Saturday May 18: CARLSBOURG ISJ - frmo 02h00 PM on: Concerts : surprise musicale / ACAM / KALUNE. From 06h00 PM on: dinner by booking.
- On Sat. 18 and Sun. 19: CARLSBOURG ISJ- From 11h till 06h: Biodiversity market / Exhibitions / Activities for children / Guided walk in the countryside 11h-01h PM.
- On Monday 20: GEDINNE - 08h00 PM - Film-discussion: "Time of Forests"
- On Friday 24: GEDINNE - 08h15 - Film-discussion: "Today" in presence of the producer.
- On Saturday 25: ALLE-SUR-SEMOIS Celebrations hall - 03h00 - 05h00 - Film-discussion: "Trees as Legacy: Indonesia/Russia".
- On Sat. 25: LES HAUTES RIVIERES - 08h00 - Film-discussion: "There once was a forest".
From 05/28 till 06/02: BIEVRE Culture Centre - 01h30-05h30 - Exhibition "To bee or not to bee".
- On Sunday 19: CARLSBOURG ISJ- from 01h00 on - Concerts: Local groups/PANG. 02h-03h30: family commentated walk - 7h: Show: "Feeding humanity is a job".
- On Saturday 06/01: BIEVRE Culture Centre - 08h00 - Film-conference: "Bye Bye Pesticides" in presence of the producer.
Shows - Concerts - Activities - Films/Discussions - Conferences.

Institut St-Joseph
avenue Tagnon - B-5550 Alle (Vresse)
Village fete & fair


On 24 May from 18h30 to 23h
B-6880 Bertrix
Exposition de l'atelier aquarelle Henry Bontemps

Exposition de l'atelier aquarelle Henry Bontemps

From 24 till 26 May from 14h to 18h
B-6880 Bertrix
Visite de la réserve naturelle
Towns & villages walk

Visit of the nature reserve

Guided tour in the "Grande Pâture" nature reserve.
Put on good shoes.
On 24 May 14h
B-5550 Chairière (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)476 33 11 45

Film "Aujourd'hui" de David Islas suivi de rencontres

On 24 May 20h15
B-5575 Gedinne
Tel :+32(0)61 46 96 44
Un tour du monde en chansons, 100% a capella

A turn around the world in songs, 100% a capella

Want a lap around the world in songs, 100% a capella ? This interesting proposal comes from the group The Eclectic Singers, a formula that is full of surprises and that enables us to change our traditional classic concert at the castle and in the church in Biourge. This voice ensembleis made with two sopranos, a counter-tenor, a ténor, a baryton and a bass-baritone.
The Eclectics Singers
Adults : 12€, - 26 years : 8€, - 12 years : 6€
On 25 May 19h
B-6880 Biourge (Bertrix)
Tel :+32(0)61 41 23 00
Ross'cup - Caisses à savon

Ross'cup - Soap box

Bar - Meals
Soap box race
5,00 € per vehicle
All welcome
The first 3 candidates in each category will be awarded and 1 cup for folk
On 25 May from 10h30 to 22h
B-6880 Rossart (Bertrix)
Tel : +32(0)473 70 13 45 (Jonathan Chenot)
Jogging: La Bounante

Jogging: La Bounante

4h: 800 m
4h: 10 km walk
4h30: 5 and 10 km
4h30: 5 km walk
B-5555 Graide (Bièvre)
Tel :+32(0)61 51 19 59
Marché artisanal
craft market

Small-scale products market

Natagora Semois ardennaise stand at the Spring Handicraft Products in Bièvre.

Music enlivening and culture activities all long the day! - 0477 26 27 19 - Claire or Carol
In the Entity Park of Bièvre 39 Rue de Bouillon - 5555 Bièvre
On 25 May from 14h to 20h
Parc communal de Bièvre
rue de Bouillon - B-5555 Bièvre
Concert Lady F

Concert Lady F

Lady F is a journey in the years 70s, that links
the drunkness of groove, the humid heat of a
mystic jungle and the smoky atmosphere of a
wooded bar that would just have a disco ball,
for enlightement. Funk, soul, blues the Voodoo
spirit of dance is present. Euphorie Flower power
and collective hysteria are insured! With Lady F,
there is a risk the face of the Ardennes massive
irremediably changes !!
In front of the Culture Center in Bièvre
8h : Concert Lady F
9h30 : Screening of the film "Bièvre 78-2018"

Prices: tickets: 10€ - people aged 12 - 26 years: 6,50€ - -12 years: 3€ - Article 27: 1,25€.
On 25 May 11h
Centre Culturel de Bièvre
Rue de Bouillon - B-5555 Bièvre
Marché des produits du terroir
craft market

Local-product market

Market dedicated to local products longside the Semois river, in the extension of hte traditional market, but in a space that is clearely marked as proposing local and craft products. Come and find there some good quality products!

Organized by : ADL Bertrix, Bouillon, Herbeumont and Paliseul, the Town of Bouillon & Organisations 2000, with the sponsor of the Réseau Points de vente de l’Ardenne Méridionale, and of the GAL Ardenne Méridionale.

On 28 Apr from 8h to 13h,
on 26 May from 8h to 13h,
on 23 Jun from 8h to 13h,
on 28 Jul from 8h to 13h,
on 25 Aug from 8h to 13h,
on 22 Sep from 8h to 13h,
and on 27 Oct from 8h to 13h.
B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :0484 08 30 06
Marché artisanal et du terroir
craft market

Local, craft and small-scale products market

Every Sunday from 9h till 1h PM
B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :+32(0)61 28 03 24
Promenade guidée

Balade contée sur les traces des sorcières et des fées.

On 26 May 15h
B-6830 Les Hayons (Bouillon)
Tel :+32(0)61 46 52 11
Fax :+32(0)61 46 52 18
craft market


On Sunday in the morning. Little market.
B-5550 Membre (Vresse)
Atelier de fauconnerie
Atelier de fauconnerie
Atelier de fauconnerie

Falconry workshop

You will learn the basis of falconry during this one-day workshop. Falconry workshop. We will start by a short walk with a raptor on your punch for getting used to birds. Afterwhat, each entrant will learn how to weight his bird, we will teach you how to handle a lure, to make a falconer's knot, and the most important, to make several raptors fly such as owls, falcons, buzzards, vultures, eagles,... you will be impressed by their strength and you will be able to look at them in the eyes.

You will have the possibility to attend the varied shows of the day, of course.
By booking, the number of places is restricted. Booking only by email :
Price : 50€

On 24 Mar from 10h to 17h,
on 07 Apr from 10h to 17h,
on 21 Apr from 10h to 17h,
on 12 May from 10h to 17h,
on 26 May from 10h to 17h,
on 09 Jun from 10h to 17h,
on 14 Jul from 10h to 17h,
on 28 Jul from 10h to 17h,
from 11 till 13 Aug from 10h to 17h,
on 25 Aug from 10h to 17h,
on 15 Sep from 10h to 17h,
on 29 Sep from 10h to 17h,
and on 13 Oct from 10h to 17h.
Jardin des Hiboux
Vôye du Sclassin - B-5555 Graide (Bièvre)
Spectacle :
Spectacle :
Spectacle :

Spectacle : "Paroles"

From 27 till 28 May 19h
Académie de Musique de Bouillon
rue des Bastions - B-6830 Bouillon
Inauguration de la Potale du Maka
Village fete & fair

Inauguration of the Potale du Maka

It has been restored by the ALISNA non profit association
It will be followed by the blessing of the Virgin by priest Iréné Gosk

On 29 May 19h
B-6830 Les Hayons (Bouillon)
Tel :+32(0)61 46 89 17
Fax :+32(0)61 46 89 17
Promenade guidée

Census – Picnic - Control at the Orchimont reserve

Pré Mayponcette in 5550 Orchimont (in the entity of Vresse/s/Semois) – Potluck lunch.
Info : - 0477 26 27 19

On 29 May from 10h to 16h
B-5550 Orchimont (Vresse)
craft market


From April till October by turn : Place des Trois Fers and Place de la Gare,
From November till late March on Place des Trois fers.
B-6880 Bertrix
Tel :+32(0)61 41 02 50
Fax :+32(0)61 41 54 01
Grande Brocante de l'Ascension
craft market

Flea market

One of the widest flea markets in the area in the streets of the village from 6 AM on. Music enlivening, bar and snacks.

On 30 May from 6h to 18h
B-5550 Nafraiture (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)478 49 12 17
Concentration de Mazda MX-5

Concentration de Mazda MX-5

B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Tel :0471 83 98 80

"From plant to pharmacy"

At the Centre d’Interprétation in the Maison Languillier. Free admission.
Organisation : Tourist Office of Gedinne (061/58 74 84).
B-5575 Gedinne
Concours photos

Concours photos "A la découverte du petit patrimoine religieux de la commune"

B-6887 Herbeumont
Expo Playmobil « En avant vers l’Histoire »

Expo Playmobil « En avant vers l’Histoire »

L'archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon
Quai des Saulx - B-6830 Bouillon
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