12e Air Cooled Meeting

12" Air Cooled Meeting

Programme :
activities during the week-end , walks in the surroundings, off road rides + bucket, Top 10, Best of show, bbq, bar, evenings, children' space wiht bouncy castle,

Infomation & booking
Martin -> +32 (0)472 79 89 08

There will be a dinner on Friday in the evening ans on Saturday in the evening by booking.

Camping is possible.

No BBQ on the site!

From breakfast to dinner, there will be food and drinks, for cheap prices !
From 21 till 23 Jun 15h
B-6830 Frahan (Bouillon)
Stage Survival


The practical exercises will be preceded by several theorical courses during which the following themes will be broached :

 Being well prepared
 Protecting yourself accoring to the weather conditions
 Moving by respecting environnement
 Moving on a varied terrain
 Lightening your fire
 Cooking in the middle of nowhere and preparing meals
 Being able to navigate day and night
 Basic first aid
 Knots
 Building your shelter and spending the night inside it
 Crossing one or several fords on the river

115€ for the stay (2 days and 1 night)
Meals are inclusive excepted for Saturday lunch (bring your picnic)
B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :+32(0)496 52 92 54
Fax :+32(0)61 46 40 72
Hunger Race

Hunger Race

Trail, walk, kayak, death ride & obstacle course… an unique sport challenge on benefit of SOS Hunger.On June 29 2019, SOS Hunger will organise the fourth edition of Hunger Race in Bouillon : a real sportive and solidarity challenge, to be taken in teams of 4 persons.

*** The sportive challenge ***

You can choose between 3 courses : SOFT, MEDIUM & XL.

1) Hunger Race SOFT (from 12 years and up / max. 2 minors per team)
20 km walk / 7 km kayak / Deathride and obstacle course

2) Hunger Race MEDIUM (from 12 years and up / max. 2 minors per team)
20 km trail / 7 km kayak / Deathride and obstacle course

3) Hunger Race XL (from 18 years and up)
35 km trail / 7 km kayak / Deathride and obstacle course

In option for the 3 courses : Trail by night long about 5 km on Friday June 28 2019

*** The solidarity challenge ***

Hunger Race is also a solidarity challenge in which each team is commited to collect funds in order to support one of SOS Hunger's projects for combatting poverty in Africa and in Latin America. Do Mobilise your creativity and your generosity by collecting at least 350 € per person, which means 1400 € per team.

Registration to the race and for further information about SOS Hunger's various projects :
Solidarity challlenge. Registration fees : 1400 € / team (which means 350 € / person).
Internat de Morsehan
Rue de Morsehan - B-6830 Bouillon

Jogging des Gatt's

4h: 5 and 11.5km walking
4h30: 5 and 11.5km
B-6880 Auby-sur-Semois (Bertrix)
Tel :+32(0)475 55 84 08

"La Forestière" : orienteering raid for teams of 2

An orienteering raid for teams of two persons (or more, for hikers' courses; or alone on the H and J courses), during a week-end: you choose your course between the control marks and you carry your backpack.
A bivouac under a tent on Saturday in the evening, with a bar and some fresh supplies for all the entrants.
Hiking spirit on the A and B courses, and on F and G courses (MTB-O), competition spirit on the C, D, H and J courses (runners).
From 10 up to 35 km.

- For teams of 2: running, hike, MTB
- solo on Sunday (difficult, short, timed).

By registration on the website

Starts on saturdays and on Sundays in the morning from the "La Mairie" hall in Bohan, finish at the same place.

Registrations (required), prices, courses... on the website:
B-5550 Bohan (Vresse)
Death Ride au Château Fort

Death Ride at the Stronghold

Did you miss it last year? IT IS BACK !

The majestic Death Ride at the Stronghold in Bouillon.
On June 30 2019, it will start from the Tour d'Autriche tower and finish on the other bank of the Semois.

Presale : 12€ per person (booking required)
On the spot : 15€ per person
The price includes the admission to the Stronghold. After your descent, you will have the possibility to visit the castle and to enjoy the falconry show.

Booking at Semois aventure's :
Le Château fort de Bouillon
Esplanade Godefroid - B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :+32(0)496 52 92 54
Fax :+32(0)61 46 40 72
Le Trèfle vressois

Le Trèfle vressois

15, 30, 45 and 60km long MTB rides and 5 or 10km long walks. Barbecue, bike-wash, showers and bicycle parking.
Starts from 7h30 till 11h30 at the Espace Cognaut
Barbecue, Bike-wash and showers
On 30 Jun from 7h30 to 11h30
Espace Cognaut
rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Tel :+32(0)476 24 88 79
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