Exposition de Christelle Gillet
Exposition de Christelle Gillet
Exposition de Christelle Gillet

Paintings exhibition

Exhibition of paintings by Christelle Gillet

From 15 Jun till 18 Aug from Mon till Fri from 13h to 17h and on weekends from 14h to 18h
Centre d'Interprétation d'Art de l'École de Vresse
Rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Promenade guidée


From 23 Jun till 23 Jul on Mon from 12h to 16h
B-6830 Bouillon
Exposition de Kristien Janssens
Art exhibition

Exhibition by Kristien Janssens

Painting exhibition

From 01 till 31 Jul from 10h to 18h
La Glycine
rue Albert Raty - B-5550 Vresse-sur-Semois (Vresse)
Jeux de piste
Jeux de piste
Jeux de piste

Hunts for treasure "Animaux des bois" - FR/NL

Stag, deer, boar and fox:
25 questions in form of sheets. Puzzles, riddles, guessing games...
A home-made book can help playing the game (2€).

Questionnaire and answers in French or in Dutch are available at the Tourist Center of Daverdisse.
At the Tourist Office in Daverdisse, behind the church.

6-8 km between roads, paths and forest paths.
Put on shoes that fit the weather.
Not accessible to PRM.
Syndicat d'initiative de Daverdisse
Allée des Marronniers - B-6929 Daverdisse
Tel :+32(0)84 31 59 92
Fax :+32(0)84 31 59 92
Visites nocturnes au chateau de Bouillon
Towns & villages walk

Visits by night of the castle of Bouillon

Begining : 10h00
Duration : 1h00
Prices : 11,00 €/pers - 8,50 €/chil-12 years
Torches : 2,50 € (1 for 2 up to 3 persons)
- Please do come to the Castle's gate 15 min before the begining.
- The visit could be cancelled if there are not entrants enough or in case of bad weather. We would then tell you before.
- The payment is to be done on the spot, cash or with a card
B-6830 Bouillon
Tel :+32(0)61 46 42 02
Fax :+32(0)61 46 42 12
Brocante mensuelle Place des Trois Fers
craft market

Monthly flea market on the Place des Trois Fers square

From 6 till 5h
B-6880 Bertrix
Tel :+32(0)477 91 18 36
Promenade en compagnie d'un rapace
Promenade guidée

Promenade en compagnie d'un rapace

On 17 Mar 10h,
on 14 Apr 10h,
on 05 May 10h,
on 02 Jun 10h,
on 07 Jul 10h,
on 21 Jul 10h,
on 04 Aug 10h,
on 18 Aug 10h,
on 22 Sep 10h,
and on 06 Oct 10h.
Jardin des Hiboux
Vôye du Sclassin - B-5555 Graide (Bièvre)
Tel :+32(0)495 72 38 23
craft market


On Sunday in the morning. Little market.
B-5550 Membre (Vresse)

"From plant to pharmacy"

At the Centre d’Interprétation in the Maison Languillier. Free admission.
Organisation : Tourist Office of Gedinne (061/58 74 84).
B-5575 Gedinne
Concours photos

Photograph competition "At the discovery of the religious little heritage of the entity"


This competition is open to whoever has a passion for photograph, and its aim is to showcase the little religious heritage of the Entity of Herbeumont.
The pictures will be used for promoting this little Heritage and they will be exhibited in the "Le Rivoli" hall in Saint Médard from Friday September 13 till Sunday September 15 2019.

We invite you to ship us your pictures at this email adress:

The Tourist Office will be in charge of broadcasting the pictures via its several channels and organizing the exhibition and the activities that have a link with them.

A few remarks:

-Every picture (max. 10 mb) must be genuine and made by yourself. Their minimal
resolution will have to be 150 dpi
-We must get your pictures before Monday August 13 2019 last date only via the adress with your name, first name, locality and a short description of the place where the picture was made
-Only the pictures about the washing places that were made on the territory of the Entity of Herbeumont will be considered
-Maximum 4 pictures per person
-Last date for shipping: Monday August 13
-The Tourist Office reserves the right to use the pictures for possible publications or websites
Information: 0476/24 43 63.
B-6887 Herbeumont
Expo Playmobil « En avant vers l’Histoire »

Expo Playmobil « En avant vers l’Histoire »

L'archéoscope Godefroid de Bouillon
Quai des Saulx - B-6830 Bouillon
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