Passerelle sur la Semois au Gué Latour

Bridge over the Semois river at the Gué Latour ford

Les Illions
B-6880 Cugnon (Bertrix)

The inhabitants of the Semois Basin have always needed to created varied systems for crossing the river in order to join some other villages, or to reach the agricultural lands and the forests. In the past, there were much more footbridges, fords, bridges or hurdle bridges than nowadays, and many of them subished the passing time and the new buildings. The remaining ones are taken,most of the time, by walkers and by tourists. By the way, some of them are forbiden to motored vehicles.

The bridge of Cugnon is open in the season and re-built every year or after a big rise in the water, at the place of an ancient ford, of a tower and a farm with drainage ditches watered by the river. It enables to have access to the Fayet (Ham in the Walloon dialect) and to the site of Le Trinchi, or Les Trinchis