La légende de Colas Tcha-Tcha et les fées du Hultai

The legend of Colas Tcha-Tcha and the fairies of Hultai

B-6830 Les Hayons (Bouillon)

There is, near the village of Les Hayons, a rock that extends in a circle and whose top make a plateau called Hultai. This rock that dominates the whole area and that is often in the clouds has a particular characteristic that explains why the fairs were partial to it in the past.
It happened that a shepherd whose name was Colas Tcha-Tcha and who was seeing his herd diying every day because of a lack of food, ventured leading it to the rich and green pich of the Humtai plateau.
The fairies had to celebrate a feast in honour of Diana, their favourite goddess during the night after this desacration.
It was midnight. After a signal was given, the fairiess arrived from everywhere and they were taking position at their usual place. But just after they had touched the grass, they shouted with despair and indignation: the grass had ben walked upon, and withered flowers lied on the ground. Horror, horrorabsolute horror they shouted all together, then they escaped up to the platform of a nearby rock in order to decide what revenge to plan because of the desacration of their sanctuary.

The Fairies used all the means they had to take the dams shepherd away from their dear estate, ghosts, monsters, seduction, even strokes and however nothing doing: Tcha-Tcha never went back not even a footstep.

As they saw their efforts were useless, the despaired Fairies jumped in the Alleines brook from the Saut des Sorcières, in order to go and live on the Blanche Roche, located between Membre and Bohan. Before they left this inhospitable land, they wanted the despoilment act they were victim of to be known by the future inhabitants. So, they wrote these cabalistic letters that come off in white venules from the dark end of the schale rocks with the end of their sticks, on all the rock they passed in front of.

So, the shepherd Tcha-Tcha triumphed over the Fairies' power, and this gave him a great fame at Les Hayons; in order to perpetuate the memory of such a hero, he got burried in the middle of the plateau of Hultai and a rock near to it got given the name of Roche à Colas.

Currently, the village of Les Hayons has some more horned animals instead of the brillant, well-doing and spiritual Fairies; we wonder if this village won something with that change...

NOTE: there are some other versions in which Colas would have jumped from the rock that has his name, as he was the victim of the public disgrace because as the Fairies had gone away, they didn't help the inhabitants of Les Hayons any more.
According to another version, Colas was the king of wizards and an organizer of sabbats. He was arrested and driven of the bridge of Bouillon in order to be burnt alive there. In some other tales, he is described as a giant.