Le point de vue du Rocher des Clappes
  • Le point de vue du Rocher des Clappes

Viewpoint from the Rocher des Clappes rock

Scierie devant Dohan
B-6836 Dohan (Bouillon)

It is located about 2 km (by footwalk) away from Dohan by the walk nr 42, or 300 meters away from the road 816.
The viewpoint enables to have a view on the village and on the fossile meanders of the Semois river. At the Clappes, upright the river, you can admire the Virée de la Schevauchée, just in front, its rusticity and its quietness.
The Rocher des Clappes rock (high 270m) has a geological interest that has a link with the lastest glaciations. During the periglacial periods, the schist rock masses that were melting slid along arounf the sandstone rock that was more resistant and they left some king of sugar-loaf you climb by a little path in order to reach the top of the upright rock.