Le point de vue de la Vanne
  • Le point de vue de la Vanne

Viewpoint from La Vanne

B-6830 Rochehaut (Bouillon)

A nice viewpoint of the village of Frahan, in the middle of the lap of the Semois.
In the middle-left of this picture, in the backstage of the village, you can see the fabulous ridges of Frahan, with the rocks of Frahan, le Gagnette, a small shelter under the rock for the ancient shepherds of Frahan, the Ronde Roche, the Plate Roche, the Trou Perpète and the castle of Montragut.
On the side in front, there is the site of the l'ardoisière des Corbeaux slate quarry that has just been deforeted in a triangle, in order to prevent the uprooting from destoying the walls that remind the ancient slate quarry on three floors. The underground galleries have been turned into a national reserve for chiropters. This side is called les Demazis