District of Bertrix

Bertrix is a commercial town situated in the southern Ardennes. It is on the N89 which is reached by taking Exit 25 on the E411 at Recogne. The N89 crosses the Ardennes and leads on to the West towards Bouillon, Sedan, Reims and Paris.

Bertrix is served by the Athus to Meuse railway line. This also goes to Libramont, where it connects with the main Brussels-Arlon-Luxembourg line.
Bertrix : surface 13,770 ha; 8,151 inhabitants.

The villages on the plateau are located near streams, such as the "Our", which runs past Acremont, Jéhonville and Sart. Other towns like Rossart, Biourge, Orgeo and Nevraumont are near the "Vierre".

Several villages stretch along the banks of "Les Aleines" : Blanche Oreille, Assenois, Glaumont, La Girgaine, La Géripont and La Cornette. Bertrix adjoins "Les Munos" and "Le Saupont".

Only Cugnon and Mortehan are situated near the Semois itself. While Auby is situated 1 km away from it on the plateau above the river.

Everywhere, forests alternate with meadows, giving this area its distinctive charm.

Village de Blanche Oreille




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