Promenade du sentier didactique à Carlsbourg

Walk in Carlsbourg - educational path

B-6850 Carlsbourg
Several marked and maintained walks give access to the forested massifs of “Péreux”, to the “Bois à Boule” woods, to the “Bois à Ban” woods and to the “Côte de Châtillon”.

Nine mountain bike tracks are also marked out on the back of the footpath map and Paliseul’s tourism infrastructure is clearly marked. More paths spring to mind, such as the educational path of the drive “Virée de Grosse” in the “Bois du Defoy” woods in Carlsbourg, or the health/obstacle course at “Mont le Bourg” in Paliseul. And this is without forgetting the numerous surveyed and quite remarkable trees, especially the N.D. oak tree of Fatima, located in the hamlet of Launoy. The hamlet is also well known for its ponds and especially the pond of ducks “Etang des Canes”. The wood of Defoy holds five splendid “Douglas” trees and four  impressive fir trees from the Vosges (on the “Route du Bois”).