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Saint-Hubert is an old Carolingian town that is has enjoyed close relations with Bouillon ever since Andage, the former name of Saint-Hubert, received the relics of the eponymous saint. This acquisition gave birth to a famous monastery that remained influential until the fall of the Ancien Regime. Along the old routes between Saint-Hubert and Bouillon and Liège one can see numerous crosses, evidence of the pilgrimages made to cure rabies (a frequent disease before the invention of the anti-rabies vaccine by Pasteur).

The basilica reveals many traces of its glorious past, from the tomb of Saint Hubert to his stole - of which it is said that one golden thread attacheded to the forehead of a victim of rabies would effect a cure... The abbey of Saint-Hubert has preserved the authenticity of its rooms with its oak panelling intact. The town became the European capital for hunting and nature in recollection of the legend of a hunter was converted to Christianity by the sight of a crucifix borne aloft on a stag's horns.

The Abbey was also known in the 18th century for its forgework production at "Le Fourneau Saint Michel" where the museum is dedicated to iron metallurgy. We can also visit a museum of rural life where several typical houses from our Ardennes territories are gathered.

The provincial forest property and its fish breeding even echo an ancient association: its former seigneur was once the vassal of the Duc de Bouillon.

Numerous ponds are situated along the Ourthe, especially in Freux, famous for fish breeding. We can fly over the western part of the Ourthe from the aerodrome of Saint-Hubert where we can visit the national centre of gliding.

King Albert I often came to hunt in the Freyr forest, the "Fagne de Malchamps", "La Converserie" and the forest Saint Michel.