The Land of the Anlier Forest

Pays de la Forêt d'Anlier

Maison du tourisme du Pays de la Forêt d'Anlier

MT Pays de la Forêt d'AnlierMoulin Klepper, Rue du Moulin, 12
B-6840 Neufchâteau

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One of the largest and most beautiful forests of the Ardennes. Habay, Leglise and Neufchâteau are the main centres from which to explore it by bike or by foot.

The number of villages and hamlets still reflect a period of an important agricultural activity.

In this region, the carthorse ruled supreme. Lots of houses have kept the memory of that time when life was punctuated by seasonal works. Between Ardennes and Gaume Habay reveals full of nice castles, vestiges, traces and legends. Léglise invites you for hiking in a pretty natural environment.

In Neufchâteau, "Down the castle, that was built on a rocky headland overhanging the valley, spreads a town of some hundred of inhabitants, as it can be seen on the Aremberg map (1609)" tells Louis Lejeune from the circle "Terre de Neufchâteau".

It is a small town with its city walls and its three doors, its small narrow streets, its shops and pubs, its covered market, its chapel. Outside the walls, there is the countryside with its fields and cultures, its forests and its small enterprises: mills, saw mills, tanneries, ironworks (17th century), slate-quarries (18th century).

In Neufchâteau meet farmers from the neighbouring as well as from the remote villages. And this is a permanent feature. For centuries, the town has been the centre of important fairs.