Tourist information office Bertrix - Semois


Tourist information office Bertrix - Semois

SIPlace des Trois Fers, 12
B-6880 Bertrix

Tel: +32 61 41 43 92

Bertix is well positioned at the crossroads leading to "La Flèche" and "Les Corettes". Visitors are greeted by numerous pubs and restaurants situated around the central square "Les Trois Fers". The tourist centre, "La Morépire", and the slate quarry "Au Coeur de l'Ardoise" are to be found to the south, near the 51m-high church Saint-Etienne.

Several walks leave from the "Ardennen Camping Bertrix" centre, and lead to the "Fairies" Castle, Saint Bernard's hermitage, and to a disused railway.

The route to "Les Munos" takes one to the Semois valley and the villages of Mortehan and Cugnon. There we can find traces of a long historical past: the Gallic camp at 'Les Trinchis', Saint Remacle's cave, and several 17th Century mills and castles.