Tourist information office Bouillon


Tourist information office Bouillon

SIEsplanade Godefroid, 1
B-6830 Bouillon

Tel: +32 61 46 62 57

In charge of the management and preservation of the castle, the tourist information office also safeguards the memory of its most famous owner: Godfrey of Bouillon - the leader of the First Crusade (1099) and the first man to enter Jerusalem after the siege.

About 150,000 visitors per annum from across world come to visit this place of legend.

Supported by a thriving hotel industry, campsites, rural gites and bed-and-breakfast guestrooms, the tourist information office organizes various activities during Easter, in the summer holidays, and during the autumn: including hunting and gastronomic weekends.

Bouillon offers a range of indoor and outdoor activities: a guided tour of the town on a small train; visits to our museums and the Godfrey de Bouillon "Archeoscope" (a well-constructed and informative exhibition that displays facets of local history); an animal park that contains numerous specimens of local fauna, including wild game; kayak trips up and down river from the town; a meditational visit to the peaceful Abbey of Cordemois; and of course our magnificent network of pathways and walks through the surrounding woodlands.