Tourist information office Moyenne Semois

A subdivision of Bouillon's Tourist Information


Tourist information office Moyenne Semois

La Ferme des FéesSI
Mont de Zatrou, 1

B-6830 Les Hayons
Tel : +32 61 46 89 17




The villages of Dohan, Les Hayons, Noirefontaine, Bellevaux and La Cornette keep their both their rural characteristics and traces of their past : the castle of Dohan with its emblazoned portico, the washtubs in traditional washing-places at Bellevaux, Dohan and Noirefontaine, the churches and chapels.

Le "Moulin Hideux" in Noirefontaine is a leading restaurant and hotel. In Les Hayons, the legendary world of "La Ferme des Fées" will escort you into a world of magic.

The tourist information office at Moyenne Semois has developed a network of 14 walks leading to 19 open views. There you can rest on benches, admiring restful landscapes, while below the Semois occupies anglers, kayakers and swimmers.
"La Dampirée" and "Le Rocher Lecomte" in Dohan, "Le Mont de Zatrou" and "Le Saut des Sorcières" at Les Hayons illustrate some of the outstanding views to be enjoyed near Bouillon.