Tourist information office Paliseul


Tourist information office Paliseul 

SIGrand-Place, 7
B-6850 Paliseul

Tel: 32 61 28 77 37

Paliseul, famous for its gastronomy, also offers a range of historical footpaths that are clearly marked on a useful map. This town is proud of its association with Paul Verlaine, a well-known French poet who often stayed there in the 19th century.
The chapel at Saint-Roch was built in 1636.
In the 17th Century, the castle at Carlsbourg, whose remains are to be found today in St Joseph's school, used to be owned by the La Tour d'Auvergne family, Dukes of Bouillon.  During the Middle Ages, the castle at Beth that is now known as Abbyes was the property of the famous Abbeys of Stavelot and St Hubert.  For as many years, the listed church of Our has been a place of pilgrimage dedicated to Saint Lawrence, invoked by those suffering from burns. Opont also has its listed church, consecrated to St Remacle.   

What could be more romantic than a walk by the "Marie-Thérèse" bridge which stretches across the Lesse?

The "Route de La Cornette", which begins at "La Ferme du Seigneur" (The Lord's Farm) and passes "la Croix des Aviateurs" (The Aviator's Cross) - which memorialises a British Royal Air Force crew - furnishes a particularly attractive walk.