Tourist information office Poupehan

A subdivision of Bouillon's Tourist Information


Tourist Office of Poupehan


Chemin de la Buchaille, 17

6830 Poupehan

Tel : +32 61 25 66 00

GSM : +32 496 44 14 22


Poupehan was for many years an important centre for tobacco cultivation in the Semois valley. It has developed a number of open-air facilities, with five campsites stretching along the river.

The village is the starting point of 12 walks, leading nature-lovers through woods and glades, and along the river to "Les Croisettes", Frahan and Rochehaut.

Poupehan was once a washerwomen's paradise. Its inhabitants used to wash the cloth for Sedan's then booming drapery's industry. It was even claimed that the Semois had special whitening properties.

Nowadays, the souvenirs and food shops, the pubs, hotels, restaurants and rural gites give Poupehan a jovial atmosphere of its own.