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 Le Pays de Bouillon en Ardenne - Guide HORECA

The County of Bouillon Ardenne – accomodation and eating




The Country of Bouillon Ardenne - General guide



Notre sélection de promenades au Pays de Bouillon



Guide touristique

The County of Bouillon Ardenne – tourist map




These maps are also available at the Tourist Office (Maison du Tourisme) and in the tourist offices of the County of Bouillon (Pays de Bouillon). Place an order

Walking map of Greater Bouillon

A map containing over:

30 marked footpaths ( from 3 until 29 km)

5 mountain-bike tracks (from 10 until 90 km)

1 cycling tour ( 11 km)

3 horses paths (from 15 until 24 km)

encompasses all of Bouillon, Corbion, Dohan, Poupehan, Rochehaut and Botassart.

To see: the fabulous viewpoints overlooking the Semois, the tobacco drying area, the beautiful trees…
Distances : 1,5 to 25 km
Scale : 1/25.000
Languages : French and Dutch
Price : 8,00 € (+ postal costs)



Walking map of Paliseul

A map containing 31 footpaths and 9
mountain-bike tracks, all clearly signposted.
To see: the wooded countryside,
the Marie-Thérèse bridge at
Maissin, the Paul Verlaine passageway
at Paliseul, the villages of the
Ardenne, the 1914-1918 battlegrounds
and remains.
Distances : 3,5 to 14 km (footpaths),
10 to 42 km (mountain-bike tracks)
Scale: 1/25.000
Languages: French and Dutch
Price : 8,00€ (+ postal cost)


Paths of Bertrix

Walks of Jéhonville, Biourge, Cornichai, Morépire, Cugnon, and Auby
Distances: 5,5 to 13,3km
Languages: French and Dutch

See here


The Tourist’s Map

Tourist’s road map encompassing the
regions of Bertrix, Bouillon, Paliseul,
Vresse, Florenville, Virton, Sedan,
Mouzon, etc. demarking many interest
To see: 35 Belgian sites and 48
French sites (viewpoints, castles,
Scale : 1/50.000
Languages: French and Dutch
Price : 8,00 € (+ postal costs)








Walking map of Vresse sur Semois

A map containing over:

53 marked footpaths ( 329 km)

8 mountain-bike tracks

8 circuits VTT (from 6 to 20 km). Total: 88 km


Alle - Bagimont - Bohan - Chairière - Laforêt - Membre - Mouzaive - Nafraiture - Orchimont - Pussemange - Sugny - Vresse)

Scale : 1/25.000
Languages : French and Dutch
Price : 7,00 € (+ postal costs)


Walking map of Bièvre

A map containing over:

19 marked footpaths (2 until 15 km : total : 156 km)

4 mountain-bike tracks (14 until 17 km: total : 61 km)

5 footpaths and mountain-bike ( 8 until 15km: total : 60 km)

Disabled walk : number 16.

Bièvre, Baillaimont, Bellefontaine, Cornimont, Graide, Gros-Fays, Naomé, Oisy, Petit-Fays, Six plane.

To see : chapel of Oizy, landscapes, fontain Saint Furcy, old mills ...

Scale : 1/25.000
Languages : French and Dutch
Price : 7,00 € (+ postal costs)




Walking map of Herbeumont

Walks of Herbeumont, Straimont and St Medard

To see:castle of Herbeumont, walks La Voie des Pierres qui parlent, viaduct of Herbeumont, trailstation, Semois river...

A map containing over:

26 marked footpaths (3 until 12 km)

4 mountain-bike tracks (13 until 28 km)

Scale : 1/25.000

Languages : French and Dutch
Price : 8,00 € (+ postal costs)



Walking map of Gedinne

27 market footpaths (3 until 20 km : total 243,5 km) and 4 mountain-bike tracks ( 25 until 70 km : total : 166 km)

Gedinne, Bourseigne-Neuve et Bourseigne-Vieille, Houdremont, Louette Saint-Pierre et Louette Saint-Denis, Malvoisin, Patignies, Rienne, Sart-Custinne, Vencimont et Willerzie

To see: Tour du millénaire (tower with viewpoint),  fange de l'Abîme (natural), river la Houille, viewpoint, pond of Boiron, arboretum, old mills...

Scale : 1/25.000

Price : 7,50€ (+postal costs)







Walking map of Daverdisse

Daverdisse, Gembes, Haut-Fays and Porcheresse

To see:  the river la Lesse, Porcheresse village of the war 14-18, church of Daverdisse, landscapes...

19 market footpaths 4 until 9 km and 3 mountain-bike tracks (12 until 31 km)

Sacle : 1/20.000

Price : 7.5€ (+postal cots)






Cycling route map

The meanders of the Semois and the forest of Anlier.

Map from Vresse to Bastogne, Arlon, also passing through France: Sedan, Carignan.

Tracks on small paved roads. The routes are not marked on the ground.

Indication of the elevation difference by colors on the map.

Information on the map: castles, campsites, restaurants, viewpoints, ...

Scale : 1/50.000

Price: 8 € (+ shipping costs)







Map "Semois grandeur nature"

Map 1m long and 30cm wide taking the vertical course of the River between Tintigny and Monthermé (France).

Languages: French and Dutch

Price: 6,00 € (+ shipping costs)