District of Bouillon

The former dukedom of Bouillon is as beautiful as ever, with its spectacular castle, a wonder of medieval military art.

Several 17th and 18th Century patrician houses remain in use. And the town also boasts the 'Turenne' college, the convent 'Les Sépulcrines', its splendid Bastions, Vauban's barracks, and its fine museums.

Bouillon : surface 14,908 has; 5,505 inhabitants.

The villages around Bouillon stretch along the Semois for about 50km

Les Hayons, Dohan, Noirefontaine, Corbion, Botassart, Ucimont, Poupehan, Rochehaut, Frahan et Laviot are all situated on the alluvial plain or on the surrounding plateau. Others such as Curfoz et Sensenruth, Mogimont, Vivy and Bellevaux.

  Bellevaux are next to streams that flow into the Semois valley.

Bouillon contains Belgium's biggest single forest. Its mixed oak and beech woodlands stretch all across the plateau of Menuchenet and the slopes of the Semois but are punctured by over 60 dramatic views at major focal points, such as those at the "Belvédère", the Tombeau du Géant (The Giant's Tomb) and the panorama at Frahan in Rochehaut.






Tombeau du Géant

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