District of Paliseul

Paliseul straddles the basins of the Semois and the Lesse.

Offagne et Fays les Veneurs are on a stream called 'Fays Les Veneurs' which flows into "Les Aleines" near La Cornette. Plainevaux et Nollevaux are situated near the springs of 'Le Pont du Prêtre', which supply a brook that also flows into 'Les Aleines'.

Paliseul : surface 11,296 ha; 4,990 inhabitants.

The "Our" basin irrigates Paliseul, Merny, Carlsbourg, Framont, Opont, Beth and Our itself. The "Our" flows into the "Lesse" near Lesse, after having passed the Our mill and the massive rock outcrops called "Fraisette" and "MinOurguet". Maissin is irrigated by the 'Lesse', which we can cross via the bridges known as the "Marie-Thérèse" bridge and the bridge "of Justice".

Paliseul has preserved the look of a typical Ardennes rural town. Several of its forests were already famous during the Carolingian period, including: "Le Defoy", "le Djumé", "Mont le Bour" and the "Neuvy" woods.


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